what I'm interested in

Lately, I've been writing on powerandlove.com about the growing interest of the media in modern attitudes toward, for example,

  • the sexual revolution
  • the hook-up generation
  • single motherhood
  • women postponing having children to follow a career
  • the mounting scientific evidence of the many differences between the male and female brains
  • the mismatch between what young people have been taught for the last 30 years about relationships and what their instincts tell them about them
  • the problems inherent in unisex marriage.

I'm particularly interested in reviewing/linking to articles on these subjects that are written by people who have no political or religious agenda (or, at least, hide it well) and are not part of the BDSM or D/s or DD communities.

I believe we are slowly but surely finding our way back to the kind of relationships our biology makes us for.