character and health

Throughout these pages I will be contrasting two moral philosophies, which I will refer to, for lack of better terms, as the idea of character and the idea of health (or, simply, character and health)..



I have not attempted to represent the views of any particular writer. In fact, I have in places exaggerated the views I call character and health. I wrote

Character and Health to try to describe two contradictory views I have often found held simultaneously by one or another contemporary of mine. These two views seem to me to be often in direct opposition to each other. I thought it might be useful to attempt to portray the two views on a variety of issues, to point up the contrast between them.

It may be useful for some readers to imagine that "character" and "health" are two people, giving us their views on a variety of moral issues. For some, "character" may best be seen as a man, and "health" a woman. Two strangers who find themselves seated next to each other on a long plane ride, say, talking about the people in their lives as, beneath them, mountains and valleys and rivers and the lights of cities move slowly by...

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