Joseph Bailey

Birth: 8 APR 1648
Death: OCT 1723, Arundel, Maine

John, Sr. Bailey Eleanor Knight
John, Jr. Bailey Eleanor Emery
Joseph Bailey

REbecca Bailey

Priscilla Bailey

John Bailey

Joseph Bailey

Hannah Bailey

Daniel Bailey

Mary Bailey

Judith Bailey

Lydia Bailey

Sarah Bailey

Father: John, Jr. Bailey
Mother: Eleanor Emery

Married Priscilla
Child 1: REbecca Bailey
Child 2: Priscilla Bailey
Child 3: John Bailey
Child 4: Joseph Bailey
Child 5: Hannah Bailey
Child 6: Daniel Bailey
Child 7: Mary Bailey
Child 8: Judith Bailey
Child 9: Lydia Bailey
Child 10: Sarah Bailey

Notes: About 1700 he moved to Arundel, Maine, left in 1705, returned in 1714 and was there killed by the Indians, Oct. 1723. aged 75.

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