Priscilla Berry

m.James Lowry, III

William Lowry

Married James Lowry, III
Child 1: William Lowry

Notes: Daughter of Henry Berry who was a grandson of Henry Berry a member of White's Lost Colony, North Carolina 1587. John White of England attempted to establish a colony on Roanoke Island, VA in 1587. After three years Gov. White returned with supplies for the colony to find it gone, the only remains was a sign carved on a tree with the word Cro, and on a gate post the word Croatan, not the cross, the previously agreed distress sign. He therefore assumed the colonists had gone to live with Manteo, the leader of a friendly group of Hatteras Indians and whose birthplace he understood to be Croatan. A search of the area did not reveal any signs of the colonists so it became known as "White's Lost Colony ". Priscilla and

John moved to a site near now Red Springs, N.C. in 1738 on part of the land grant which he acquired from his father. They had three sons and two girls.

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